Deep Water 2022 honest review

Deep Water 2022 honest review

Deep Water movie is a Mystery/Psychological thriller with run time of 2 hours 33 min.

I read the reviews from the so called professional reviewers, and they seemed to find this movie uneventful, non thrilling, and boring. I always love to read how they feel about some movies, because the ones they seem to really hype up are the ones that are the most boring ones to see!

Brilliant to me!! And I’ve watched 7 times now in one week 😂. Plenty of others here don’t understand true art in a film, complain from a mind lacking from the proper expanded viewpoint required I know. A beautiful piece of art here, is just like staring at a tree or watching the ocean I can get so much joy and peace from. It isn’t what happens it’s the pieces and parts from start to finish all work together. Well even with eyes closed just listening to soft sounds I can be in bliss. And no doesn’t mean I can enjoy any film it has to be well acted, emotional, deep story and resonate to this strange planet we temporarily experience life in time and time again just trying to grow our souls.

No judgement to others putting it down, it’s just a knowing that so many today are programmed to expect the same rubbish in all movies just as an example the ruined star wars latest 3 movies was vomit. Many i know take life and movies seriously lol and they are judging from such a tiny bit of consciousness, the eye rollers I know you 🙄 to the point that they are missing out on an expanded consciousness, an awareness level, that is absolutely wonderful . So much is possible from here dear ones that FEAR is not in control of your actions or thoughts. Poor sheeples/asleep souls here I love you unconditionally brothers and sisters 💝 not your fault just educated backwards.

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