Here is why Ozark Netflix series is my all-time favorite TV shows

Here is why Ozark Netflix series is my all-time favorite TV shows

This is one of my all-time favorite shows and i’m going to list why:

  • The story starts immediately and the viewer does not have to sit through countless episodes before the story gets going.
    -The casting for this show is phenomenal. They could not have found a better actor to play Marty Byrde if they searched for another 10 years. Jason Bateman is fantastic and helps you feel the emotions that a father in his position would feel. Bateman is known for starring in comedy movies but he is such a brilliant actor he is able to make the switch over to a suspenful drama series seamlessly and gracefully. The other characters also portrayed by great actors but I feel like they might not be fully appreciated just because of how good Jason Bateman is.
  • The setting is unusual for this type of crime drama series and it is a breathe of fresh air. You really get a feel for the demographic and how they live their daily lives.
    -The narrative is constructed in a way where it is not only one main obstacle the Byrde family must deal with. They are constantly challenged and put in the hot seat throughout the whole series, under immense pressure to perform and keep the cartel happy.

I would not sit down and type out this long of a paragraph unless I thoroughly loved this show. Do yourself a favor, find a snug spot with your partner or pet and take in every bit of this masterpiece.

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