Pushpa: The Rise (2021) No Spoiler Review

Pushpa: The Rise (2021) No Spoiler Review

The millennium version is : “Pushpa naam sunke flower samjhe kya? Flower nahi, fire hai main, Jhukunga nahi “. Of course, the original in Telugu carries a lot more punch, uttered nonchalantly by swashbuckling, albeit lop-sided Allu Arjun, who simply blazes like fire as he reprises his role with a swagger, style, a hideous wig, the works. 

The blood and gore drama is set in thickly wooded forest ranges of Andhra. The story revolves around warring factions, who make a killing smuggling contraband red sandalwood which is in great demand. Enter our hero Mr. Lopsided, who begins as a coolie and soon rises with his native intelligence and street smart ways. He learns the tricks of the trade and soon is able to cut hefty deals. His love interest is Srivalli, played by Rashmika in a village belle’s traditional costume. Her role is nothing great to write about, except for her song “Samy, Samy…”. And, I still can’t figure out why we had to watch Samantha’s convoluted movements which is in direct contrast to the lyrics. We have our Miley Cyrus to perform and quite competently at that. Of course, it’s entirely the young lady’s prerogative to sign up for such item numbers. 

Movie is lengthy when it comes to the runtime, however, Sukumar has got it right almost after Rangasthala. He has that narration on his back and he can trust his direction when he has such a power packed Allu arjun’s persona. Literally, the expressions of him are just phenomenal, I was in awe of his expression especially after that interval fight sequence.

This movie is absolutely amazing and awesome++

. Allu Arjun was really brilliant and outstanding with his dangerous look that you can not recognize at first sight because he came as PushpaRaj .

Although I have been an Allu Arjun fan for a long time and have loved all of his films I have watched, I didn’t expect to be surprised this much when I began watching Pushpa: The Rise. The visuals are picturesque, the action choreography is outstanding. This is a top notch movie of Allu Arjun.


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